What is the High School Leadership Program?

The American Red Cross High School Leadership Program is a meaningful reward and recognition program designed specifically for high school students who support the Red Cross.To participate, donate blood 3 times (with at least one donation over the summer), volunteer 8 hours of your time and encourage 5 friends or family members to donate.

give give give

Giving blood through the American Red Cross is a true service and leadership activity. The Red Cross is asking high school students to join the Red Cross family and support the mission by becoming life-long advocates and blood donors.
The feeling of knowing you’ve made a difference
You can feel awesome about yourself knowing you have helped save lives. Each donor you help recruit can help save up to three people!

Leadership skills
Organizing a recruitment team, engaging school leadership or campus organizations, and demonstrating your ability to lead the team to success is no small feat!
Community service
Engaging with the Red Cross shows that you care and are willing to invest your energy in giving back to your community.

More information
Learn what you need to know about donating blood, getting others involved or volunteering with the Red Cross at redcrossblood.org/students