Hope Begins with You

Program Overview

The High School Leadership Program is currently open to high school students who will graduate in 2018 and 2019. As a member, you make a difference at your school and in your community.

Giving blood through the Red Cross is a true service and leadership activity. We are depending on you to be a leader, spread the word and help save lives.



  • 3 blood donations

  • Red Cross Red Cord



  • 3 blood donations, 8 hours of Red Cross Service, and 5 blood donation referrals

  • Red Cross Red Cord, a recommendation from your local Red Cross executive

Special notes:

**Referrals are subject to review and must meet specified criteria outlined on the FAQ page

Students who are interested in hosting blood drives through the Leaders Save Lives Program may qualify for a tier upgrade! Learn more about the program and how to qualify by visiting our Leaders Save Lives site redcrossblood.org/leaderssavelives.